You should be a part of those who contribute to establish a world that you want to be. If you agree to have a sustainable living where the nature is well conserve, and our youth generation have a great knowledge and attitude as well as responsibility to social and environment, then you should take a role in all effort to make it happen.

Most of the people have a dream to get a meaningful living where their life has a valuable things to their others. Sharing la ittle money to AMORDEI is a way to make your life get more valuable. Because your contribution will help AMORDEI to do its program for the youth and nature.

When you give to AMORDEI, you are helping us to provide youth development program sustainably. Your contribution directly support all initiatives that undertaken by AMORDEI in assisting youth people in applying a sustainable life style. By donating, you will be helpingĀ to:

  • Develop youth development program in some location in Indonesia that assisted by AMORDEI. It means that you help them to have good knowledge and ability in applying a sustainable life style;
  • Ensure the sustainability of environment through empowering our youth in caring the mother nature and the other creation. We do a practical capacity building and we assist the youth people in applying as many concept of sustainable activities.
  • Save the nation by saving the youth. It is a disaster when we have youth people who only know about having fun without doing a meaningful things for their country. AMORDEI remind them to their core duty to take care of their nation and nature.
  • Save the world. By contributing in our activities, means that you have contribute to the activities of saving the world. AMORDEI do a little step towards a sustainable world.


Everything on the world is interconnected, including business organisation. Everything which is done by business parties will always affect or affected to and by the nature. It means that the business organisation is directly related to the planet condition since they will not be able to operate when the planet is not supported, and on contrary, the planet will not support them in any longer if they were not concern to conserve the nature.

AMORDEI is one among so many alternatives you can choose to realise your contribution of your business to the planet and also to youth development. You just share your 0.5% of your profit to AMORDEI, and you have already start to make a balancing between your business and your planet as well as your generation.

All you need to do is register your company within our program of 0.5% for Youth and Nature Progam and start to donate us. AMORDEI will put your logo in the list of our sponsor or donors.

Your support can be transferred to the bank account of AMORDEI at :
Amordei Binamuda Indonesia
Bank BRI