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AMORDEI is a community that was established to endorse all initiatives for world sustainability through all effort of building awareness and advocation to youth. There are a lot of problem that facing by our youth currently because of lack of awareness on social matter as well as on environmental. They have been dominated by economical driven thinking that only put economical benefit on their all decision, and avoiding the other necessary consideration on social and ecological matter. Our youth life style was very closely engaged by materialism and hedonism. This way of life could not be allow as a common life style in our youth community since it will be accelerate our world to the disaster.

There must be some things to do to assist our youth in facing the mainstream of damaged life style which is happening in the moment. There must be a voice which is speaking out loudly to remind our youth that there are a lot of way of life sustainably. There must be somebody who take an action in assisting our youth in applying a sustainable way of life. There must be somebody who assist youth community in realising that they are not fully alive for themselves but also for their other and for the mother nature.

Therefore, AMORDEI stands as one of an organisation who has willingness to assist the youth in establishing a sustainable life style in Indonesia through as many program of capacity building, assistance as well as advocation. AMORDEI has a dream to find as many as youth who have strong ability in professionalism, care to the social matter and most importantly care to conserve the nature.

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